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Why Women Live Longer than Men, take 4

picture of man jumping off a cliff

One Sunday a month Becka and I go to a local nursing home to take part in the weekly service that various people from our church hold for the residents. I'm always struck by how many more old women there are than old men. Statics worldwide confirm that, for whatever reason, women do indeed live longer than men. There are all sorts of theories out there, from genetics to levels of risky activities. Whatever the reason(s), in nursing homes and other places where older people are in the majority, there are usually more older women than older men.

Almost seven years ago, I did a post called Why Women Live Longer than Men [1] that featured some funny pictures of men doing some insanely dangerous things in the workplace and in other settings. Several of the pictures showed me driving some work vehicles, and I assure you, I was far safer than everything around me was! Since that post I've come across more pictures that could help explain why men die younger than women do. About two years after that I did a second post called Why Women Live Longer than Men, take 2 [2], with even more pictures that show why that phenomenon is so. Two years ago I did a third installment called Why Women Live Longer than Men, take 3 [3].

One of the most common unsafe practices of us men is the bad usage of ladders. Here are some pictures that are amazing.

Ladder Ladder Roof

Ladder Planks

Ladder Stairwell

Ladder Wires

Ladder Tables

Ladder Street

Sometimes using a ladder just isn't practical and the situation requires other means of getting the job done.

Crane Tractor

Think Safety First

Men realize that it is essential to look at the environment to work as safely as possible.

Electrical Safety

Flammable Gas

Knowing the potential dangers when using some equipment, men often use appropriate protection.

Plastic Bucket Safety Helmet

When hauling loads, men make sure that everything is securely attached.

Moto Trailer

Some of us men are not only work horses, but also saw horses!

Saw Horse

Many thanks to those who keep me supplied with the things I share on my blog. As you're out and about this summer, be on the lookout for funny signs.

Remember that if you'd like to see more pictures like these, you can check out two earliers posts — Why Women Live Longer than Men [1], and Why Women Live Longer than Men, take 2 [2], and Why Women Live Longer than Men, take 3 [3].


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