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Wrap Artists

Earlier this week my wife Becka made some delicious wraps. I told her that her wraps were so good that she could consider herself a "wrap artist."

As I contemplated what to post this week, I thought about a picture a reader e-mailed me last week. The picture was of a van from Golden Corral that had been creatively wrapped.

Golden Corral Van

Those two events — eating the wraps and receiving the picture — came together in my mind and resulted in this blog post. In my files I had some creative wraps of trucks and buses that I thought my readers would enjoy.

We have had some house guests from Germany recently, and we've all enjoyed our time together very much. Becka did a blog post about their visit, so I'll just share a link to it [1].

Quite a while back someone sent me pictures of some creative wrapping of trucks in Germany. Here they are will little comment. It would be distracting to be driving down the road and see some of these!

Here's what looks like a huge aquarium.

Aqua Truck

For book lovers....

Bookshelf Truck

Here are several trucks probably carrying the products shown on the outside.



Hot Spicy Pringles

This next one would definitely call for second looks!

Upside Down Pepsi

For those of you who don't know German, this one basically says "going the wrong way?"

Falschem Weg

Here's a creative truck from the USA.

Peterson Seed

I'll end with a couple of neat wraps of buses. Here's one from a zoo.

Zoo Bus Wrap

Here's a wild one advertising "shark week" on the National Geographic channel. Here's the bus with the doors open.

Shark Bus Doors Open

Now here's the bus with the doors closed.

Shark Bus Doors Closed

If you want to see some crazy, beautiful, interesting, etc. pictures, do an image search for "vehicle wrap".


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